My pup Is now 14 week but on Wednesday he will be 15 week we can now take him for walks and in the holidays we tould him to saltburnbythesea
And to the beach he was also scared as the tied was in and there wasn’t very much sand he loved a nother lady and was going to her as she had a civilia King Charles but in other words same breed as my dog Bex and there were only stones no sand


I love dogs
I will try to add a photo to night she is 12 weeks old and can eat any thing including poeple she likes biting legs or the window she can now be walked Iwalk her at the green house at Knottingley park I love dogs.

My Dog

BessThis is my dog Bess, she is a Patterdale. Patterdale’s are a working breed that hunt rabbits and deer, we didn’t get Bess when she was a puppy we got her from a dogs home because we wanted one from there but the sad part is when she was younger and her other owner had her they let her of the lead and shouted her back but she wouldn’t come back so they left her, luckily a RSPC or something like that saved her. 🙁 🙂